SundayNite FUEL

A Ministry of FMC Connections

Deepening faith through creative expressions

Read more about each week's topic below, and register for the ones you would like to attend. You can sign up for one or all! Masks are required.

If you have any questions, please contact Michael Baer at

  • Sunday, September 13 - Creativity: Expanded Thinking

    6:00-7:45 P.M. - Fellowship Hall

    Michael Baer (retired science teacher & Connections Pastor at FMC)

    Join Michael as he shares lots of “thinking outside the box” activities that will spur your own creativity in ways that will allow you to see your faith in a different light. 

    Thank you to those who attended! You helped make this evening a success!

  • Sunday, September 27 - Creativity: Written & Spoken Word

    6:00-7:45 P.M. - Fellowship Hall

    Shannon Anderson (elementary teacher, children's author, & speaker)

    Join Shannon as she shares activities in which you will develop your faith story and discover ways to share your story with others through written and spoken word.  

    Thank you to everyone who came!

  • Sunday, October 11 - Creativity: Music

    6:00-7:45 P.M. - Fellowship Hall

    Keith Conner (musician & spiritual "glow worm")

    Join Keith as he shares his faith through original music and lyric writing.  Known for his early work as KC and the Glow Worms and “Drive the Bus,” Keith continues to reveal God’s word in catchy, memorable songs and crazy antics. 

    Thank you for making this a fun and exciting evening!

  • Sunday, October 25 - Creativity: Visual Arts

    6:00-7:45 P.M. - Fellowship Hall

    Eric Reaves (artist/cartoonist "Garfield" & "Hi and Lois")

    Nicole Dynes (Communications Secretary at FMC & photographer)

    Join Eric and Nicole as they share worship and communication of God’s Word through visual arts, including painting, drawing, cartooning, and photography.

    Thank you to everyone who attended!

  • Sunday, November 8 - Creativity: Drama & Dance

    6:00-7:45 P.M. - Fellowship Hall

    Matt Moore (actor & dramatic arts)

    Jamie Moore (dance/choreography & interpretive movement)

    Join Matt and Jamie as they provide interactive opportunities to express personal worship and God’s truth through improvisational drama, interpretive movement, and other artistic expressions of worship.  

    Register for this event by clicking here. Register by November 5. Masks are required.

    Sign up here for childcare for this night.

  • Sunday, November 15 - Creativity Celebration w/ Surprise Guest Host

    6:00-8:00 P.M. - Sanctuary

    Join participants of SundayNite FUEL sessions as they share some of the fruits of their creativity sessions, including “open mic” for readings and spoken word, original worship songs, interpretive drama and dance, and displays of photography and visual art produced in response to SundayNite FUEL. Open to the public; registration will be required ONLY for participants wishing to share in that evening’s program.  

    Participants: register for this event by clicking here. Register by November 12. Masks are required.

    Sign up here for childcare for this night (for children of participants).

    This event will be live-streamed here on the website, on our church app, and through Facebook Live and YouTube.