Welcome to First Missionary Church!

Thank you for taking a moment to become better acquainted with First Missionary Church. We'd love to hear from you - text 'NEW' to 260.400.2991 if you are new to our church. 

Let us take just a few moments to share our hearts with you. We want people to know that being a Christian isn't about the rules - doing everything just right so we can earn God's favor or feel better about our relationship with Him. It's not about living life to serve ourselves or living by the values and rules of our culture. So what is it about?

It's about Jesus

It's about how his life, his death, and his resurrection set us free from the rules and the lies that we think keep us from God. It's about learning to worship wholeheartedly the God who loves us and to grow intentionally in our relationship with Him.

It's about people

It's about the people who follow Jesus taking his message of life and hope beyond our walls to a broken and hurting world. It's about committing to connect authentically with people. It's about discovering how we can serve others creatively with our gifts and talents and reach people compassionately with the love of Christ.

New Here?

What Should I wear?

Feel free to come dressed however you are most comfortable. We have people that wear anything from jeans to suits. 

What to Expect when you get here?

When entering through any of our 6 entrances, you will be greeted by a friendly face. Entrance 2 is our main entrance. You are invited to get a cup of coffee in the coffee area and make your way into the sanctuary.

What are services like?

First Missionary's services are designed with a variety of people in mind. We worship using different musical styles. We use lighting, graphics, and other methods to communicate in a relevant and practical way.

Where do my children go?

First Missionary's children's ministry is open to children up through 5th grade. Come in Entrance 3, where you will be able to sign in your children at the check-in desk. To learn more about Discovery Park, click here.

Membership Class

If you are interested in finding out more about our church and possibly becoming a member, please contact Pastor Rick rick@fmcberne.com for more information. Membership classes are scheduled regularly throughout the year.