Shepherding Ministry

First Missionary Church provides care for church families through our Shepherding Groups. Our deacons/deaconesses, who are selected by the congregation, provide a gateway for individuals and families in need of practical and spiritual care. Following the New Testament example, these leaders are equipped and empowered to share the pastoral care needs of the church family. Here are just some of the ways our deacons/deaconesses serve our church family:

  • Connecting hurting people to spiritual and tangible ministry resources.
  • Praying with those who are sick or in need of God's intervention in their lives.
  • Mentoring those who desire to grow deeper in their faith and leadership.
  • Guiding with biblical wisdom in sorting through life's difficult decisions.
  • Modeling the life of a growing follower of Christ.
  • Caring for our widows/widowers who do not have families to help care for them.

Our Shepherding Groups are assigned a deacon based on last names. If you are uncertain how to connect your life challenges to the ministry resources of First Missionary Church, begin by contacting the church office for more information on how you can connect with your Shepherding Group leader.

Care/Need-Based Ministries

Basic Needs

Basic Needs is a committee made up of like-minded people who work to provide food through our Love Box program and to meet the basic needs of families in our community.

Christian Aid

Christian Aid ensures that people in the community have a place to call when they have an emergency need. An offering is taken once a month to provide funds for this ministry.

Living Hope

Living Hope is a bereavement group that consists of those who have recently lost a loved one and are joining together for comfort, support and hope.